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Fast Facts
Fast Facts


90% of mobile users in the United States have a web enabled phone. - Source : Comscore 2010 Mobile Year in Review.


Mobile web use is growing faster than application use. - Source : Clickz.com


The current industries seeing the most growth in mobile searches are business, entertainment, and travel (30% in the restaurant category).


Mobile searchers tend to use the same search engine on their mobile device as they use on their PC.


Three in 7 searchs on Google are performed from a mobile device.
Get to the top of the mobile search phenomenon, naturally
According to Google, 3 in 7 searches are done from a mobile device. That's an amazing statistic. Your site needs to be mobile aware as the traditional website is not very friendly to mobile users and/or the smaller screen sizes and slower load times. Yet, so many mobile users are searching for your products and services. Get a jump on the next wave of Internet Marketing by enabling a mobile version of your site.
Don't frustrate your mobile visitors - make it easy for them!
Welcome mobile users with a very intuitive, fast loading, mobile friendly interface.
Auto Detection of Mobile users for your main site
We supply you with easy copy and paste code that automatically detects mobile users
visiting your main site and redirects them to your more user-friendly mobile site.


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